5 Reasons Why You Should Only Use Natural Skin Cream

I doubt you would even be able to find a woman on the planet that does not have at least one type of skin cream in their home. In fact, most women have several different creams and lotions and of course, many of us have our favorite brands.

In the past I used to change from one brand to the next all the time, which invariably claimed in me having far more than I could ever hope to use. Quite often I would end up throwing half full bottle in the trash, but then something changed. I discovered a really good natural skin cream, and today I only use all-natural skin care products, including makeup and etc.

I still can not resist the temptation when I stumble across a new brand that looks promising. However, I certainly do not throw away as much money as I used to, not least because good quality all-natural products are not cheap, and particularly if you insist on using ones which are certified organic. So, what made me adopt an all-natural approach? Here are the five things which convinced me:

  1. Less Damaging to the Environment
    When I started doing some serious research about natural skin care products, I discovered some really disturbing information regarding many of the chemicals routinely being used in the cosmetics industry. In fact, I was so started by some of the things I read that I decided to start researching many of the ingredients that were in the creams and lotions I had at home. Some of these were chemicals that are known to be very harmful to fish and other wildlife. All of a sudden I started feeling guilty because for years I had been throwing my empty containers in the trash, along with many that were still half full. I'm very much an environmentally aware kind of person, so this really bugged me.
  2. No More Clogged Pores
    It became blatantly obvious while doing my research that creams and lotions which are made from 100% natural ingredients are far less likely to clog my pores when compared to most mainstream products.
  3. Less Damaging to Skin
    Having discovered just how toxic many of the frequently used chemicals are, my sense of logic told me that these could not possibly be doing my skin any good. I honestly could not believe that I had been rubbing creams on my skin that contained industrial strength chemicals, some of which are used in things like pesticides and etc. A chemical called triclosan is just one such example, and I am using it here because it is the most prevalent antibacterial chemical found in cosmetics; cleaning products; toys; stationary; garbage bags, toilet seats and etc. The Canadian government has already ruled that triclosan is toxic to the environment. Some personal care manufacturers have also pledged to start phasing out the use of this chemical, while the State of Minnesota has declared a State-wide ban which comes in force on the 1st of January 2017. Do you honestly want to be rubbing something like this into your skin every day?
  4. Skin Nourishment
    After spending several weeks researching the chemicals which are routinely used in mainstream skin care products, I thought it would be a good idea to start researching ingredients found in natural skin care products. What a stark difference I saw. In fact, I recall coming across one company guaranteeing that all their products are so natural and so pure that you could even eat them if you wanted to.
  5. Equivalent or Better Results
    I am going to stop short of saying that all natural skin care products deliver superior results because I would not be able to backup such a claim with scientific facts. However, I personally believe I have seen better results since I changed over. When I was still using regular creams and so on, I never once believed any of them could make me look 10 years younger, and no, I do not believe any natural ones can make me look 10 years younger either. I do however believe that my skin looks healthier now than it did a few years ago.