5 Tips for Healthy and Young Looking Skin in Summers

Your skin plays an important role in how you are perceived. Healthy and young looking skin tells a lot about your personality. That is the reason people spend thousands of bucks on their skin care and cosmetics.

Tip # 1 for healthy skin: Sun protection

According to skin experts, UV rays are primarily responsible for skin damage and early aging signs. That means the more you expect to sun, the more it will damage the skin.

Follow these three methods to protect your skin from the sun:

1. Avoid outings in summers: Avoid going out in summers especially between 11 AM to 4 PM as the sun rays do more damage in this period.

2. Cover yourself: When go out make sure you are covered with long sleeve shirt, pant and hat with wide brim.

3. Use sunscreen: Use a good quality sun protection cream higher than 15 SPF (Sun Protection Factor). Apply it 30 minutes before going out.

Tip # 2 for healthy skin: Use less makeup

Ladies, can you please use less makeup in summers at least? The makeup may add coating to your skin, but you can not avoid the original skin. Ensure your use good quality cleanser to clear your skin before going to bed.

This has been told by beauty experts umpteen times when asked about healthy skin. Your face needs to be freed from makeup chemicals end of the day.

Tips # 3 for healthy skin: Healthy habits

To have natural young and charming skin, you must care about your eating habits and may need necessary changes.

• Vitamin C: It manufactures collagen that is responsible for firmness of your skin. Eat citrus fruits, Strawberries to tone up the skin.

• Vitamin A: It is necessary for cell formation and protects the skin from sun. All red, orange and green leafy veggies are Vitamin A rich.

• Fiber: If you are suffering from acne, include fiber in your food.

• Water: It is essential for soft and healthy looking skin. You must keep your skin hydrated with drinking water. Keep a water bottle with you and do not allow your skin to feel thirsty.

Tip # 4 for healthy skin: quality sleep

A good and quality sleep is essential for healthy skin. Poor quality sleep will make you look older, anxious and depressed. It will also affect your next sleep.

• Make sure you are stress free at the time of sleep.

• Meditation can help you calm your mind and lead to good sleep.

• Avoid heavy meals at night.

• Avoid tea or coffee before going to bed.

Tip # 5 for healthy skin: Yoga and exercise

Yoga and exercises are extremely important in many ways for healthy skin. These activities help in building healthy body, mind and soul. It brings the beauty from the inner. It guarantees proper blood circulation and flush out the toxins.

It also relaxes the mind and makes it stress free which leads to good sleep.


• Avoid sun rays in the afternoon

• Have healthy food and drink proper water

• Have a good and quality sleep

• Take exercise and yoga for charming and young looking skin