Buy the Best Baby Shampoo Confidently for the Little Ones

Amidst all the controversies and insane marketing gimmicks, new parents have tough times. In order to be certain that products are healthy for sensitive baby constitutions, faith is necessary. Clever and compelling advertising makes many things look so very attractive! Product labels on containers are obligated by law to disclose a list of ingredients. Some prohibitions to watch out for include mineral oil and fragrances that could contain phthalates. Triclosan and the talc may contain harmful asbestos. Homosalate and Octinoxate may be included in sunscreens. Beware of Polyethylene Glycols, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, and Ethanolamines too. Avoid parabens too. Identify the best baby shampoo.

The myth of tear-free baby shampoo

What it means is that the baby will not cry if the shampoo gets into the eyes, will not irritate tender eyes. The truth is terrifying, though. Avoid such shampoos completely because the cure is worse than the disease. Formaldehyde is the truth about it. Such shampoos could contain a chemical named dioxane that releases formaldehyde that is known to be bitterly harmful. Other shampoos may contain novocaine to prevent the tears. Both need to be avoided.

Natural shampoos derived from organic farming work best. Although society has not taken to natural products in a big way, people should. Many of the harmful effects are minimized with natural substances like the ayurvedic. Humanity is still surrounded by age-old recipes for a number of conditions handed down the ages. Manufacturers have cleverly included such recipes in mighty selling products globally. Would you fancy a shampoo basically made from coconut oil and water?

What about scented or unscented organic, natural castile soap shampoo? That should be an ideal choice for the baby, but it is no tear free product, though. On the positive side, it contains no artificial preservatives or fragrance. For that matter, it is free from parabens, SLS, phthalates, and phenoxyethanol.

The nature of baby shampoo

Such a shampoo helps get rid of oil and dirt, dandruff and pollutants that may build up in the hair. This preparation specifically helps the little ones with chemicals that minimize irritation in the eyes. The hormones give rise to a gland in the scalp of babies that generates sebum, a waxy substance. Sebum protects, moistens the skin and sustains suppleness. A daily wash is not really required for infants since the sebum is not so regularly produced as in adults.


Chemically speaking, shampoo for infants would probably contain trideceth sulfate, since it is a less irritating but cleansing agent. Besides that, other surfactants could have used that are mild compared to charged anionics. Polyglucosides may be used with their advantages. Polyglucosides comes from plants, are so biodegradable, and are safe and mild.

Say goodbye to harsh chemicals! Choose food or plant based natural and safe shampoos that do not irritate and are hypoallergenic. Natural cleansers like coconut oil based concoctions work very well. The natural mineral called Himalayan Pink Salt works well on the body and head. Avoid chemicals and sulfates. Make sure it is the right baby shampoo.