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6 Top Tips For Keeping Skin Fresh During Summer

Summer is almost here and it is a time to expose your beautiful skin to the sun rays which means that your skin becomes highly vulnerable to damage. By adopting these beneficial tips during summers you will be able to keep your skin fresh, glowing, protected and beautiful even during hot summers.

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How to Make Neem Oil

For centuries, people in India used neem oil to treat and prevent various skin diseases. The oil is extracted from the fruits or leaves of the widely grown neem plants in that country. The name oil is now available through the world, but you can still make it individually from the fruits or leaves.

1. Extraction from Neem Fruit

To extract neem oil from the fruit, you will not need any mechanical or modern equipment. You can do the entire procedures manually and traditionally. You will need about 2 pounds of neem fruits and seeds, a sieve, a rolling pin, a bucket, a cloth bag, and 5 cups of water.

First, place some handfuls of neem fruits and seeds on a table and crush them by using a rolling pin. Put away the crushed produce and place them inside the cloth bag. Keep doing this with all the remaining fruits and seeds. When all the fruits are crushed and put inside the cloth bag, place the bag in a bucket. Now you need to pour 5 cups of water over the cloth bag in the bucket. Remove the bag from the bucket and pour out the water. Place a sieve inside the bucket and put the cloth bag on top of the sieve.

The water actually helps the push out the oil from neem fruits and seeds. Now that you place the bag on top of a sieve, the oil will drop into the bucket naturally. You may need to wait overnight to get a reasonable amount of neem oil. The oil that comes out from the fruits and seeds will be clean, meaning it will not contain pulp from the crushed produce.

2. Extraction from Neem Leaves

Extracting neem oil from leaves requires more tools such as mortar, pestle, strainer, cheesecloth, dark bottle, spray bottle, and pot with a lid. You will also need 1 kg of neem leaves, 10 liter of water, and 100ml of liquid soap.

Mash the neem leaves in the mortar and pestle then place the mashed leaves in the container or pot. Pour the water over the mashed leaves into the pot and cover it with a lid. Before you begin the extraction process, you must let the mixture to steep for at least three days for the best result. After three days, take the mashed leaves from the pot by using a strainer. The liquid extracted from them should be clear.

You can use the liquid as insect repellant for plants, but you will have to mix 1 liter of the liquid with 8 liter of water and 100ml of liquid soap. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle so you can easily use it. The remaining liquid should be stored in a refrigerator and used within the next few days before it loses its benefits.

To make shampoo for pets, you can mash a kilogram of neem leaves by using a pestle, pour 5 liter of water into the mashed leaves and let it steep overnight. You can strain the mixture through cheesecloth and use the resulting liquid as shampoo for your pet.


Although many different forms of neem oil are commercially available in most health stores, you can try to manually make the oil by using some simple tools. Overall, traditional extraction method is easy to do and the best thing is that you can use the extraction result for different purposes depending on your needs.

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The Way to Happy Healthy Skin During the Monsoons

The monsoons are a wonderful time of the year, especially because they come right after the dry and hot summers. The rains not only take away the heat from the earth, but also from our bodies and who has not loved walking in the rains, getting drenched. However, this is also a time, when your skin and hair needs a little extra care, because the humidity in the air can ruin them both.

There are several myths that are associated with the monsoons, and quelling them would be the first step to healthyier skin. In this article, which is divided into two parts, we will first look at dispelling some such myths and then move onto some easy to prepare homemade remedies to nourish and protect the skin.

Skin problems come because of sweating:

While sweat can be blamed for skin problems, it is often humid that is more at play in such situations. When there is a fluctuation in the humidity, there is bound to trouble with your skin, including dry patches all over the skin. In addition, even though the sun might not be visible, there are ultraviolet rays in the atmosphere and these too can affect the skin. This is why you need to make sure that you apply sunscreen all over your body and face. In addition, you need to make sure that you clean your face, at least twice or thrice a day.

This is not the time to moisturise:

There might be some people in the world, who would think that monsoons are the time when you should abandon your moisturizer. They would think that since skin already feels a little oily, there would be no need for any additional moisturization. However, this would be far from the truth, because even during the monsoons, the skin needs hydration. As a matter of fact, the fluctuations in the levels of humidity, can actually rob the skin of essential moisture. This is why, during the monsoons, instead of giving up completely on moisturisers, you should invest in a lighter moisturizer or lotion.

Since it's not so hot, you can afford to drink less water:

Water is a major component of the human body, which means that at any given point of time, you need to have a certain amount of water in your body. Lesser the water in your body, the greater the chances of you dehydrating, and when your body is dehydrated, it will become very obvious on your skin. During the monsoons, you may not feel as thirsty as during the summers, but your body still requires the same amount of hydration, which is why you need to make sure that you drink water and other liquids too.

The simple dos and don'ts for the monsoons:

• Whether the sun is visible or not, you need to apply sunscreen. If you have oily skin, look for a sunscreen that has a lighter texture. The sun protection factor or SPF has to be a minimum of 15, although you can opt for a higher one too.

• Since the weather tend to get cool, many people opt for showers or baths with really hot water. However, water that is very hot could strop your skin of the natural moisture, which is why you need to make sure that you apply a moisturizer after your bath.

• Because of the sweat, you might want to take showers with cold water, but this could dry your skin up, leading to rough patches.

• Ideally, during the monsoons months, it would be wise to take baths in warm water, which will not strip your skin of moisture, but will wash away the excess oils.

• Invest in a good antifungal powder, which you should apply liberally in the folds of your skin and between your toes. This powder will not only reduce the chances of you sweating, it will also reduce the possibility of fungal infections.

If you are willing to take a little time to pamper your skin, you can actually have great skin, even during the monsoons. Here are some easy to prepare face masks, which are ideal for the monsoon months:

Oily skin:

If you have really oily skin, here are two types of face packs that you can create quite easily at home.

• Mix a cup of Fuller's earth with just as much rose water as is required to create a thick paste. To this, add a small amount of camphor that has been powdered. Use this pack on your face multiple times a day, to notice that your skin is less oily and there are less breakouts of acne too.

• Combine equal parts of Fuller's earth with sandalwood powder and grind up a small hand of basil leaves. Use rose water to create a smooth paste and apply all over your face and neck. Wash off with warm water, once dried.

Dry skin:

People with dry skin will also have a lot to worry about during the monsoons, so here are a few face packs, mean for them.

• Gather a glass of clean rainwater, to which you will need to add a small spoonful of honey. Massage this into your skin and allow it to get absorbed. In about half an hour, you should be able to wash it off with cold water.

Pimple or acne skin skin:

For people who are regularly plagued by acne or pimples, monsoons spells close to doom, because the humidity and fluctuations in the temperature, lead to a lot of skin problems. These face packs should be able to take care of the pimples and acne.

• Combine Fuller's earth with clove oil, sandalwood powder and neem paste, which should ideally be prepared using fresh leaves. Apply this paste on the pimples and allow it to dry completely, and then wash the same off. This pack can be used on a daily basis, without any worries.

• Create a paste using Fuller's earth, camphor powder, clove oil and rose water. Once you have applied this on the face and the same has discharged, using chilled water to wash it off. Water this cold should be used because the cabbage oil could cause a slight burning sensation.

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Use Coffee Grounds to Achieve a Healthy Complexion

While brewing a pot of coffee, your filter is made up of coffee grounds that usually gets a place in the trash. You would be surprised to know how these coffee grounds can be used to get a healthy skin.

For proper skin care, you need a good cleanser, gentle yet effective exfoliating agent, and a nourishing serum. Coffee scrub is also known to improve the skin texture and blood circulation.

Benefits of coffee scrub

  • As Exfoliating Agent – Most of the dermatologists recommend coffee grounds to be the best scrubbers in acne treatment. They are useful exfoliating agents that scrub away the dead skin cells to bring back the new, healthy skin that lies underneath. Market stores have many chemical exfoliating agents that have too many enzymes and acidic contents. If you use coffee scrubs for the purpose of exfoliation, you will notice the improvement in your skin texture as it boosts the blood circulation and makes the skin smoother and glowing.
  • Effect of caffeine on skin – It is hard to believe that caffeine on your skin can be immensely beneficial rather than caffeine in your cup. When you use coffee scrub regularly, it will temporarily reduce the accumulation of cellulite and give your skin a tightened and firmer appearance.

Things to remember while buying coffee scrub

  • The caffeine content in the coffee scrub is also an important factor to consider. The ones that are made of brewed coffee grounds have little caffeine content while the caffeine content in the Arabica coffee beans contains lots of caffeine.
  • Opt for Robusta beans while choosing coffee scrub to get the best effect.

It offers you more than any normal facial scrubs as it has many benefits that have a great impact on the skin.

How can coffee scrub be used?

If the coffee grounds are mixed with a little olive oil and applied directly onto your skin; it will give a total effect just like the store-bought exfoliating agents offer. It is unduly a green method because you get the chance to reuse the coffee grounds instead of throwing them out. Is not it great?

Apart from exfoliating, coffee grounds also have anti-inflammatory properties. It aids in the reduction of eye puffiness, temporary reduction of cellulite, and also improvements blood circulation. Most of the coffee scrub packs found in the market have additional ingredients like salt, sugar, and oils to nourish and moisturize your skin. Some products also contains Himalayan rock salt and brown sugar. Both these elements have natural minerals and acids that waive off the bacteria and offers acne free complexion.

The scrubs should be applied just like other scrubs in gentle circular motions; theby removing your dry, dead skin. Caffeine restricts blood vessels and thus it can reduce the intensity of a swapping on the face. It also has loads of antioxidants that help fight the signs of aging. Age spots, wrinkles, sun spots and fine lines can be reduced to a great extent with the use of this natural exfoliating agent.

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Simple Ways to Know How to Prevent and Treat Melasma

A beautiful skin having some unwanted spots is not a happy sight! Commonly known as melasma, the dark skin spots in patchy brown, tan, blue and gray skin discoloration are caused due to the overproduction of pigment in the skin. The common reason of melasma production is the overexposure of skin to the excess sunlight. Sometimes, the hormonal fluctuation in women resolved due to the uneven production progesterone, and estrogen can also affect the fabrication of melasma. According to the studies, 8 out of 10 women worldwide develop melasma in between 20 to 50 years of age. The other name for melasma is 'mask of pregnancy' as it is more likely to develop around the nose, cheekbones, and jawline during the course of gestation in women.

Some facts about melasma:

The National Institutes of Health reveals that about 6 million women every year in the United States are estimated to suffer melasma having no permanent cure for the disorder. However, this does not mean that the treatment is not available. The most potent reason of causing melasma ie overexposure to sunlight, genetic disposition, inherited dark skin and hormonal changes can trigger some quick solutions.

4 Fantastic Melasma Treatment Options:

  1. Hydroquinone: Hydroquinone treatment can help the lightening of the skin in the best possibleway as it is available in all the major forms ie as a cream, gel, lotion, and liquid.Consult a doctor before taking the higher strength versions of hydroquinone.
  2. Tropical Medications: There are several lightener acid like azelaic and Kojic acid that one can use to lighten the skin tone. Tropical medicine is the remedial hub for skin lightening treatments.
  3. Tretinoin and corticosteroids: Add the minority dose of Tretinoin and corticosteroids to the skin lightening process of hydroquinone to get the best coloration results. You can prepare a triple cream with the help of these three ingredients.
  4. Other methods: Generally, dermatologists suggest tropical medication as the best practice to counter skin discoloration but in case it does not suit you, then ask your dermatologist to use some in-office procedures like chemical peeling, dermabrasion and microdermabrasion treatment for peeling the topmost layer of the skin.

Some universal prevention to control melasma: No cure, in particular, can ensure permanent results for melasma but trying some natural skin care ingredients is always recommended.

Have a look at the following preventive tips:

  1. Ditch the sun with an effective sunscreen lotion while going out in the sun.And once you are back, use a fabulous skinlightening cream to control the harmful effect of sunlight.
  2. Cover your head and skin with an umbrella before going out in the sun.You have to make maximum efforts to keep your skin fresh and hydrated.
  3. Use natural skin care products to treat your skin in the gentlest way. Give it the coolness of antioxidants and bleaching benefits of some natural ingredients like lemon, cucumber, papaya, potatoes, curd, gram flour, and so on.
  4. Nourish your skin with the best face whitening cream available

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Get To Know Your Skin Type

Skin can be classified into different types depending on it's behavior and characteristics. The most common types are normal, dry, oily and combination. Knowing what type of skin you have can be really helpful in helping you to decide which make up and cosmetic products to use. After talking to family and friends, I discovered a surprising amount of women do not really know what skin type they have. They just buy whatever products appeal to them and do not consider how their skin will react with the product. So with this in mind, here is a short guide to help you determine which skin type you have so you can make a more informed decision the next time you go shopping for beauty supplies.

The first step to analysing your skin type is to cleanse it, preferably in the morning so you can look at how your skin changes through the course of the day. Pay close attention to how your skin feels after you have cleansed. Normal skin should feel clean but comfortable. If your skin is feeling tight, particularly around your forehead, you may have dry skin.

Next, leave your skin unmoisturised and take a good look at it in a mirror in natural light. Study the texture of your skin, looking all over the face and look out for pores and shiny areas. Normal skin will have a smooth texture with small pores and possibly some shine visible. As well as a tight feeling after cleaning, dry skin will have a matt texture, may have visible 'flaky' patches and small pores. Dry skin often suffers from sensitivity and will show fine lines and wrinkles more than other skin types. Oily skin will have a shiny look, particularly in your T zone (your forehead, nose and chin) and often larger, visible pores. Oily skin is also more prone to breaking out in spots. It's not all bad though, oily skin often ages slower and shows less visible signs of aging.

Have another look at your face at midday. If you have oily or combination skin (combination skin will usually be more oily in the T zone than the rest of the face), oil breakthrough will usually be visible by this time. Dry skin will often be showing signs of dryness by this time too, even if you have moisturized in the morning.

Take into consideration other factors which may be affecting the condition of your skin. Stress, medication, the contraceptive pill, pregnancy, your menstrual cycle, how much sun your skin is exposed to, smoking and your diet are among other factors which will influence how your skin looks.

Knowing your correct skin type will help you make more effective decisions the next time you go shopping for make up and cosmetic supplies. No matter which skin type you have, skin responds to care and it's condition can be improved. Many beauty products such as cleansers, moisturisers, face masks and make up are labeled as to which skin type they are most suited for. Now you know which skin type you have, you can shop with confidence.

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8 Foods That Will Protect Your Skin From The Sun

Summers are knocking on the doors and the weather has been already making us sweat profusely. With the summer season, skin damage is one of the major issues of concern which we want to eliminate. However, it's not easy to protect your skin from harmful UV sun rays because sooner or later you have to visit outdoors for various purposes.

Here are some foods to boost your skin's SPF level, which will protect you from the harmful UV rays of the sun in summers. Have a look.

  • Watermelon

Watermelon has almost become a synonym of summer for many people. This juicy and fibrous fruit is a favorite of many and common in the majority of homes. Watermelons contain an antioxidant known as lycopene that protects the skin from any damage caused by exposure to the sun.

  • Tomatoes

Experts often term tomatoes as Mother Nature's natural sunscreen! Tomatoes have an antioxidant known as carotenoids that provides long-term safety from harmful effects induced by UV radiations.

  • Dark Chocolate

Yes, it's true! Your favorite chocolate can really protect your skin from the sun. Cocoa or dark chocolate increasing your SPF level immediately and fight against the damage caused due to oxidation.

  • Carrots

Lots beta-carotenes are found in carrots, which protect skin remarkably against the sun. Beta-carotenes provide multiple benefits to the body like it upsurges the SPF levels and fight against the soreness that occurs because of skin tanning.

  • Green Tea And Black Tea

Green tea and black tea have polyphenols in abundance, which is one of the most important botanical antioxidants. They fight free radicals which cause maximum skin aging and they increase skin's antioxidant shield from the inside out.

  • Fish

Fish is rich in omega 3 fatty acid which is considered excellent for your skin. Omega 3 fatty acids provide protection against free radical damage caused by the sun and it may also help in preventing skin cancer.

  • Water

We all know that almost 70% of our body is made of water; therefore water plays an important role when it's about protection against free radicals. By consuming lots of water, your skin will remain hydrated which will result in a healthy natural moisture factor which protects skin from harmful effects of the sun.

  • Pomegranates

Pomegranates improve your skin's resistance against damage which occurs due to harmful radiation of the sun. Polyphenol compounds like catechins and anthocyanins are found in abundance in pomegranates. These compounds provide strength to the upper layer of the skin, enhancing its resistance against the harmful UV rays.

Using a good quality SPF lotion or getting skin treatment is excellent ways to protect your skin. There are lots of cosmetic clinics that can rejuvenate the skin completely, making it look shiny and youthful than before.

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3 Ways to Get Rid Of Under Eye Puffiness

Starting the day with under eye puffiness can be stressful. Makeup does little to mask the problem and absolutely nothing to correct the problem. To prevent another day from starting in the same way, here are three ways to address under eye puffiness successfully.

Adjust your Diet and Exercise Daily

People love to recommend getting more sleep when someone mentions under eye issues. Sleep is important, no question. However, sleep is not the cure-all here. For most people, sleep is not even the reason they have puffy eyes.

Making changes to diet and exercise routines can help reduce puffy eyes and correct dark circles. Eating more fresh vegetables, lean meat, fruits, and cutting bread in half will decrease puffiness. Drinking enough water is also important.

Exercise has been built up to this crazy activity that people have to do in a gym. It does not have to be that way. Exercise can be fun and it can be a part of a daily routine without ever needing to pay for a gym membership. The more you exercise, the better your skin will be.

Focus On Skincare

Eating better and exercising more will lead to a healthier you. Make your skin gorgeous by boosting its health. Skincare does not have to take a long time. It only takes a few minutes to wash your face and moisturize it.

A fast way to get rid of under eye puffiness is using an eye renewal cream. Some people cast doubt on creams, but they can be really beneficial to most people. The cream rejuvenates skin and helps it repair itself. Doing this in conjunction with diet and exercise and the results are remarkable to see.

Take Time for Self-Care

When did people all the sudden become selfish because they wanted to soak in a bath? Sit in the silence for a few minutes? Or for wanting a nice massage? Taking time for self-care is very important.

By taking time to focus on yourself you are actually helping your stress levels. Addressing this issue helps the mind and body relax. Plus, you can do some really great at-home under eye remedies while treating yourself in a special way.

You can decrease under eye puffiness by using slices of potatoes or cucumbers. Make yourself a facial and then relax while the slices soak up excess moisture from the skin.

Bring It All Together

Focusing on diet, exercise, skin care, and self-care really make a difference in how you wake up. Avoid under eye puffiness greeting you in the mirror. Put these steps into motion and start working towards surefire results.

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How Effective Is Antibacterial Soap

When antibacterial soaps first came on the market, many of us ran out and purchased them with the belief that it would be a cure-all to all things bad for our health. Now after many years this concept may be without merit.

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Some Common Skin Problems and Their Solutions

Skin problems are a common thing in today's time for both men and women, but how you react as well as treat them is what sets apart both the sexes. Referring especially for men; this article talks about some common skin problems and their solutions which can save the day for men.

Let us look at the skin problems that occur day-after-day, but are hard to tackle with.

1. Acne

Acne had to take the first position when it comes to common skin issues. Although, men do not go crazy just by seeing the smallest occurrence on the face like women; they certainly want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Now the first thing you need to understand here is what exactly is acne? Is it similar to whiteheads, blackheads, and other look-alikes? Well, acne just happens and even the experts are trying to understand its cause. However, sebum or the natural skin oil is considered to be the root cause. Testosterone (during puberty) produces more sebum and causes a lot of acne. You must be surprised to know that men are more accustomed to getting acne than women.

Solution: There are some steps you can follow, but there's no way you can control your hormones after all. So you can try doing these:

• Clean your face regularly, but gently.
• Avoid harsh cleaning agents on the face.
• Apply aloe vera to balance the oil on the face; and
• Do not pop a pimple.

2. Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disease that is red, flaky patch and has a silvery center. There is a possibility that this disease occurs anywhere on the body including hands, nails, elbows and even the private parts of the male body. It is supposed to be a genetic disease that can be triggered by various environmental factors. It looks ugly, but the pain that the sufferers face during the psoriasis attacks are beyond compare. The attacks include severing itching and other symptoms which make the situation go from bad to worse. Some of the commonest types of psoriasis are plaque, pustular, inverse psoriasis (specifically for genitals) and guttate psoriasis.

Solution: Although psoriasis is not contagious, but it is not curable either. However, you can definitely suppress it and prevent it from occurring (psoriasis attacks) with the following steps:

• Avoid dryness all around and make sure you use a humidifier to keep the environment moist.
• Do not use soaps and perfumes because they contain fragrances that can boost up psoriasis.
• Wear appropriate men's underwear in order to prevent the shaft and the adjacent areas from drying.
• Apply Vaseline or any other petroleum jelly to keep the affected area moisturized; and
• Increase the intake of ingredients rich in Omega 3.

3. Shaving Rash

One of the most common problems faced by every male at some or the other point of time is a shaving rash. Scientifically called as 'pseudofolliculitis barbae' or 'sycosis barbae', men also refer to it as 'barber's itch' or 'razor lumps'. Why does it happen? Well, there are a few causes of the shaving rashes to happen. Insufficient pre-shaving preparations, using an old razor, lack of lubrication, and more are some of the causes for this skin problem.

Solutions: Finally, this problem has solid and full-proof solutions that can prevent and even cure the skin rashes.

• Clean your face with gentle face wash before you start shaving. In fact, you opt for taking a proper bath before shaving in order to soften the hair follicles.
• Use a usable and functional razor that does not ditch you in the middle of the process.
• Make a rich lather with the shaving cream, so that the razor moves smoothly.
• Clean the face properly after the shave.

Well, these are a few skin problems faced by men on a daily basis and it is important for you to not only cure them, but also make some efforts to prevent them from happening. Keeping yourself clean, continue healthy eating habits and wear the right mens sexy underwear that would definitely save you from a lot of problems.

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Psoriasis – A Serious Skin Condition

Psoriasis is a serious skin condition which causes much distress. The skin is dry, red, cracking with sometimes silvery scales that shed everywhere and the round, raised, itchy spots can affect your scalp, elbows, knees, stomach, groin, almost anywhere.

It is stubborn but treatable and the key word here is persistence. It is not a condition that just appeared overnight and it will take a while for it to be under control. Watching what you eat can be an important factor in controlling psoriasis.

Psoriasis is a metabolic disease meaning it affects the whole body and the body is saturated with toxins. To eliminate toxins they must be expel by the liver, filtered by the kidneys and leave the body either by the skin, urine or bowel. They can also be reduced by exercising which causes the body to perspire and by breathing deeply in fresh air. In the case of the psoriasis sufferer the body is that toxic that the skin becomes deeply affected and itchy leading to the psoriasis in the long-term.

In order for the psoriasis to calm down it is important not to have too many showers as this will irritate the psoriasis even further especially hot showers. Also do not use photographed soaps in the area as the psoriasis will itch even more and spread. Mineral baths though can be calming on psoriasis and seawater is good on the affected areas so swimming is good if the water is clean. Also let the sun hit the area where the psoriasis mostly occurs to give it a good dose of natural Vitamin D but take care not to burn the skin and if the psoriasis begins to become too red then go back indoors.

Regarding healthy eating it becomes important to put foods into the body that will create few toxins, help in expelling toxins and build up the general immunity of the person so they can fight the psoriasis. Emphasis needs to be on raw seeds and nuts especially sesame seeds, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds. Also eat plenty of raw vegetables and fruits. Cold pressed vegetable oils are also important such as sesame and flaxseed oil. Avoid saturated animal fat found in pork, milk, butter and eggs as all these toxins and the toxins will spread the psoriasis even further through the body. Try not to eat refined or processed foods or those containing fat or white sugars which are not good for any of us let alone someone who has itchy, irritated psoriasis through their body. Also avoid citrus fruit especially juices but cranberry or apple juice is tolerable. If you are not prone to sinus or intolerant to yoghurt or cheese then you can have yoghurt or natural cottage cheeses as a dessert without it causing harm.

Helpful supplements for psoriasis from the standpoint of building up the immune system are Vitamins E and A, Lecithin, a Calcium magnesium supplement, Vitamin F (essential fatty acids found in flaxseed, sesame seed or soy oil), B complex, Brewers yeast, Kelp , Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids, Whey powder and trace minerals as in seawater. Good juices to drink are carrot, beet, cucumber, grapes and black currant but always remember to have half juice and half water due to the sugar content of juices being way too high if they are drunk on their own.

Remember with psoriasis it is important to cleanse the liver how ever do not begin to do this until you are sure that your bowel is working properly. No point in cleansing a liver into a clogged bowel that does not function. So to expel the toxins associated with psoriasis, or any toxins for that matter, you need to drink plenty of water – up to 2 liters a day, take a probiotic and prebiotic so the digestion is working properly, clean out the bowel with a bowel cleanse and then clean out and strengthen the liver. At the same time to help with psoriasis it becomes important to raise your immunity.

However if all the above is not done in balance then you will not assimilate the nutrients from your food or your supplements and you will still be battling psoriasis in years to come. That is why you need to consult a practitioner who can guide you through your personal, natural health program in how to handle psoriasis. A practitioner who can also take into account the mental and emotional impact of living with psoriasis for the length of time you have and can also help you to heal mentally and emotionally as well as physically.

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Top 6 Homemade Hacks To Fight Summer Tan

Tanning is one of the most major problems which people have to face in summers, especially women. It damages the beauty and glow of your skin; also it's quite tough to get rid of the skin tan problem. However, with the help of the right skin treatment, you can fight tanning and achieve your natural bright skin color again.

There's no doubt that getting skin treatment is the best solution to remove tanning, but there are various home-made methods & natural methods which can help you to reduce the effects of tanning from your skin. Have a look.

  • Method # 1 – Honey And Papaya Face Pack

By getting help from the enzymes present in papaya, you can get rid of facial tan by using this fruit pack. The skin tone is lightened and visibility of scars and blemishes is reduced by the enzymes present in papaya. Your skin will be softened and moisturized by honey. To make the pack, add one tablespoon of honey in half cup of ripe and mashed papaya. Rinse the pack with water after applying it on the skin for 15 minutes.

  • Method # 2 – Honey, Milk Powder And Almond Oil Face Pack

Want a clear tone for your skin? This pack is for you. Make this pack by mixing one tablespoon of honey, two tablespoons of milk powder, and a few drops of almond oil, and then apply it for 15 minutes before washing it with water.

  • Method # 3 – Fresh Cream And Saffron Face Pack

Saffron plays an important role in brightening skin, removing tan, pimples and acne. Take two tablespoons of milk cream and dip a few strands of saffron in it, and leave for a night. The next day, mix them both and apply on your face, rinse with water after 20 minutes.

  • Method # 4 – Coconut Water And Sandalwood Pack

A natural skin cleanser, sandalwood powder removes blemishes, impurities and dead cells from your skin. Take a half cup of coconut water and add one tablespoon of sandalwood powder and a few drops of almond oil in it. Rinse with water after applying it on the skin for 25 minutes.

  • Method # 5 – Rose Water, Cucumber And Lemon Juice Pack

Cucumber and lemon (also known as bleaching agents) are amazing ingredients to remove the effects of tanning from your skin. Make a pack by using all the three ingredients and apply on your skin with cotton. Use cold water to rinse and repeat everyday to achieve excellent results.

  • Method # 6 – Yogurt, Tomato And Lemon Juice Face Pack

The tone of your skin will improve naturally with the help of bleaching properties of yogurt, tomato and lemon. Mix 1 tablespoon of yogurt, 3 tablespoons of tomato pulp and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Apply the pack and allow it to dry completely then wash it with cold water.

If your tanning problem has increased notably then visit a skin expert to get a skin treatment .

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Step 1, 2 and 3 Tanning Lotions Explained

When you are shopping for tanning lotions, you may be confused by certain numbers and characters within the description or name of the product. For example, some lotions will have an ” X ” after a specified number of bronzers, which stands for an “extra” boost of color in the bronzer. In terms of tanning lotions, you may see ” Step 1 ” or ” Step 2 ” somewhere on the bottle. But do not let numbers and letters confuse you when you are in the market for a new tanning bed lotion! All you have to do is learn the difference between these three steps, and then you will be one step closer to a perfect tan!

Step by Step Tanning

Step 1, 2, and 3 are references to the type and strength of a tanning lotion. You may notice these labels within the description on the bottle. Each step provides different benefits in terms of skin color and skin care. Which is why they are generally used in conjunction with another step as well. Not using one with another would be like using shampoo but not conditioner. The lotions work together to create a natural-looking, even tan in a short amount of time. Once you understand what each step represents, you will be able to build a deep and long-lasting tan in no time at all! Continue reading to learn some details about each lotion, and how they work together to give you color and glow.

Step 1 Tanning Lotions

Step 1 tanning lotions are designed for first-stage applications. This means that they are configured to help build an initial tan. In other words, step 1 tanners produce a base tan, which is needed to develop richer, deeper color later on. They stimulate the skin to produce melanin, the body's natural pigment maker, while at the same time, providing adequate moisture. If you have light skin, or have not tanned in a long time, it is suggested to use this step in order to safely build a base color first. Once you have your base tan, you need to move onto the next step of lotion. A step 1 lotion will not be effective without using a step 2 lotion with it.

Step 2 Tanning Lotions

Step 2 lotions are the next step after using a step 1 tanner to build a base tan. If you are already naturally tan, you could get away with starting with a step 2 lotion, and then working your way up to a step three. Step two tanners are formulated to nourish the skin. They penetrate skin deeply with amino acids, minerals, and several other beneficial nutrients. These nutrients, along with additional ingredients, help to produce a deep, long-lasting tan. Many step 2 lotions come in several levels of ” tinglers ” which stimulate the skin further to produce more color. It is recommended to start with a lower level of tingler if you have sensitive skin or have never used one before.

Step 3 Tanners

Step 3 tanning lotions are interesting because they are not necessarily a color-producer, but rather a color-sustainer. These are generally moisturizers that replenish the skin after tanning. Tanning reduces the moisture levels in our skin over time, so it is critical to regularly moisturize with a proper product to promote healthy skin.

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How To Determine What The Best Pre Shave Oil Is For You

Many men believe that using pre shave oil is the key to getting the smoothest, closest possible shave. But what is a pre shave oil's purpose? Do you use it with or without cream? What is the best type?

Before shaving solutions softens facial hair before you start trimming. A quality pre shaving oil also hydrates the skin, nourishing it while lubricating the skin's surface. A well-lubricated face allows your razor to easily and gently glide.

When these essentials are used, you get a closer shave and suffer less irritation and razor burn. The key is in finding your own solution, the one that you feel works best for your particular skin. Just make sure your solution does not make your skin feel greasy.

When using wet shaving essentials, remember to rinse your razor more often. Many of these oils clog your razor and can reduce quality if you do not rinse enough. But this is only a minor consideration, given the improved quality of your shave when using the oil as part of your daily routine.

Is oil used with or without shaving cream?

This solution is best used as the first layer on your skin, after you have applied warm water to your skin for about three minutes. Apply a layer of pre oil, then use a badger shaving brush with quality shaving foam to create an opaque layer of shaving cream on top of the oil. Shave as you normally would, ensuring you rinse the razor as often as needed.

Ingredients to Look for in the Best Pre Shaving Essential

Pre shaving palms or essentials can have a wide variety of ingredients. But some ingredients are great for your skin. The best pre-shave solution for your skin will be one with primarily natural ingredients and organic plant derivatives. Those ingredients include:

Lavender Oil : Lavender oil soothes and helps reduce razor burn. It leaves your skin more resistant to irritation.

Sunflower Seed Oil : This oil from sunflower seeds is light and will not clog your pores. It also does not make your skin feel greasy. It gently hydrates and softens your skin and facial hairs without heaviness of pre shave oil using other types of oil as a base.

Castor Oil : Castor oil really hydrates your skin and keeps it soft. It helps to reduce dryness or irritation.

Olive Oil : Helps stay on your skin for a more effective pass of the razor.

While there is no one best solution for all men, one of the world's best essentials are made by Taylor of Old Bond Street. Their pre shave oil is in the top five of many well-groomed men's lists due to it's viscosity and aroma. Performance of this solution is also fantastic since it provides that glide needed to reduce skin irritation. While some men think the fragrance can be a bit strong, the scent is very pleasant and quick to fade after your grooming is complete.

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(Hypodermic Fat) Cellulite

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a hypodermic fat, which causes the dimpling of an individual's skin particularly of women's thighs and hips. It really sounds like a medical condition but the truth is that, it is only the normal fat found benefit the people's skin. The fat is the primary reason why there is a bumpy skin on the certain portion of the human body, simply because it pushes against the body's connective tissues. It is not really harmful though some people would want to get rid of it due to its outer appearance.

What are the causes?

There are people who consider having cellulites a blessing specifically for women because of the fact that some really do not like having the bumpy looks of their thighs and butt. As a matter of fact, some people tend to find the right solution to make sure that their cellulites on the skin are not too obvious and too much either. Some of the factors that are seen possible because an individual is getting too much cellulite in their body are named. Perhaps, still being discovered for stronger reason regarding how they contribute to the production of cellulites in the body. Here are the following causes why an individual really gets higher cellulites in any portion of their body.

• Having a poor diet.
• Slow metabolism.
• Dehydration of the body.
• Large amount of body fat.
• Thickness and the color of skin.
• Lack of doing physical activities.
• Changes of hormones.

The stated causes really seeming relating to the primary health care of an individual. Perhaps, it is showing lack of having proper diet and exercise which highly contribute to the product of the cellulites inside the body. Moreover, natural human body changes (hormonal changes) are also a great factor for having cellulites in the body. While it is often noticeable on people who have lighter skin, those with darker complexion shows its less. So those with lighter skin who has obvious cellulites should be searching the best cellulite solution out there.

What are the treatments?

There can be different ways on how to treat and reduce cellulite fast. Products and treatments can possibly take away all of the cellulite found on the thighs and within the buttocks. There are these options that you can actually use if you decide to take away excess cellulite in your skin and bring back the flawless look of your hips, thighs, and butt.

Massage and Spa

A natural solution for having cellulite removal can be through massage and spa. This treatment does not produce harmful effects although they can be a temporary effect only for reducing the dimpling looks of the skin. This solution can only deliver good solution to remove excess body fluid but not basically on removing thoroughly the cellulites in the skin.


For people searching for quick solution for their cellulite, liposuction is one of the common options. It is a surgical procedure that is also designed for removing fat deposits coming from the body. However, liposuction is intended for removing deep fat and not primarily for cellulites which can only be found to benefit the person's skin. If not properly done, or even when this procedure is acquired, there is a possibility of that the appearance of the skin could be worse than before that the cellulites are not yet removed.

Cellulite Creams

Cellulite treatments like cellulite creams can be an effective way to have better skin looks. It is said that these creams are effective upon dissolving the fats within the skin and basically smoothen the skin. However, it should be part of the knowledge of the user (like you) to know that there are some cellulite creams which contains aminophylline (a drug prescription for those who have asthma). There is no direct evidence yet that these creams with aminophylline are already effective in reducing cellulite or if it can be harmful for some other users.

The apparent effect of aminophylline to the cellulite may happen due to its capacity to narrow down the blood vessels and force the water coming from the skin may be dangerous for those users with current circulatory problems.


This is the kind of therapy which is said to be effective in removing cellulites in the skin. This treatment involves the process of injecting specific substances like amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes in the tissues benefit the skin. This treatment can possibly break down the fats or cellulites and improve the appearance of the skin as well. However, one should be guided of the possibility too that there can be risks in proceeding to the procedure. The risks include potential infection and irregular contours of the person.

Laser Treatment

There are manufacturers of laser treatment solutions showing a proof that this could really be one of the most effective solutions to remove cellulites. The fats are even said to be effectively melted away and achieving a better skin appearance due to its capacity to stimulate collagen is also possible. Laser treatments are even preferred treatment due to its fast and effective solution although it is really quite an expensive treatment.

What is the prevention?

The prevention of cellulite's production can be done without any treatment involved. It is only by making sure to stay healthy and achieve an overall physical fitness. Moreover, these cellulites on bum and on butt will no longer look saggy because losing weight is an ideal key for getting the best shape of the body. These prevention solutions when achieved can create a better appearance of an individual.

If you are one of those who are currently experiencing low self- steam or confidence due to your visible cellulites, have the best cellulite solution. By losing weight through proper diet and exercise, it is not impossible for you to achieve your desired shape and appearance of the skin. Finally, after having a hard time to discipline yourself to work out and have the proper diet you can already flaunt your skin with no visible cellulites at all.

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