Go Organic and Natural to Get the Best, Safest Baby Skin Care Products

Fussing around a newborn is only natural, especially during the fragile initial period of existence. Efforts must be made to prevent toxic baby skin care products that may be used inadvertently. And do not trust the labels that promise gentle and safe care. A talc brand that is rated amongst the best is known to contain asbestos-like fibers that could result in lung problems if inhaled.

The natural path to health and happiness

An Industry may be extremely artificial, but departing from nature's laws has been responsible for much of human problems. In a hurry to make their millions, the pharma industry does not hesitate to put toddlers at risk. Beside, some infants possess greater sensitivity and may be the worst sufferers. Avoid taking chances. The wonders of western medicine may have condemned faith in indigenous medical systems. Many systems of treatment down the ages have used natural substances like medicinal herbs that show no side effects. It is like consuming plants!

Such natural sources manufacture a range of creams and lotions, powders and baby sunscreens. Anything that comes in contact with the baby skin should be carefully monitored. An organic detergent can serve the purpose of washing baby's clothes. Market washing powders are full of harmful chemical and fragrances that can harm the skin and lungs. Deodorants also contain those toxic chemicals. Switch to natural scents.

Since the use of oil or cream can not be done away completely, care needs to be taken to ensure that they will not harm. Avoid detergents and other harsh chemical combinations. Why not the natural choices? The organic red clover diaper care cream and chamomile-based shampoo should be excellent choices! Oils and creams that use natural constituents like lavender and mandarin would serve the baby skin needs extremely well. Go organic and natural with baby skin care products.

What to avoid!

Labels usually reveal what the product contains though a lot of hide and seek happens. Lauramide DEA creates the lather that everyone loves. Yet it dries up hair and leads to skin allergy. Scalps itch and dermatitis may result. The TEA (Triethanolamine) often used in shampoo can be toxic and an irritant to the skin. Beware of Parabens that are used as preservatives in skincare products. These are serious chemicals and some of them are ethylparaben, methylparaben, and butylparaben. Besides allergies, other health problems could occur. The synthetic chemical SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) helps create foam but could cause allergies like skin rash.

Better be safe than sorry with the little one

Baby soaps should be used just a little bit or dryness occurs. Although lotions moisturize, use little of it. Petroleum jelly could be used against diaper rash as a barrier against moisture. Use baby oil to massage, not moisturize. Laundry detergents need to be free from dye and perfume. Powder needs to be talc free, and keep it away from the baby's face. Take utmost precaution while shopping for baby skin care products.