HairGenesis Review

Nowadays most of the people like to be beautiful. And modern technology helps to make us beautiful.Many types of skin care and hair care equipment, medicine and technic are invented every day. Such as we use a facial steamer for our face care and HairGenesis for hair care.In this content, we try to give a full overview on it.

It treats hair loss by cleansing the body of excess DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) hormone and curing the hair follicles of inflammation. What separates it from other natural hair loss products is that it is the only product whose effectiveness is backed by hard scientific evidence.

Company Behind the Product

It is a Texas-based company headquartered in the capital city of Houston. It specializes purely in the manufacture of HairGenesis hair recovery treatments.

Product Guarantee

All HairGenesis products are protected by a 90-day money back guarantee so that you may receive refunds for items that do not work well for you. This money-back guarantee only covers Value Supply Kits that are consumable for three months or more. This is because hair takes some time to grow back and you may need to have at least three months to see visible results on your head. For Value Supply Kits that cover four months, the guarantee period runs up to four months after the purchase date, and for Value Supply Kits for six and 12 months, you may still return the items six months after buying them. You may also receive refunds for each item, but they have to be unused for you to get your money back.

To get a refund, simply contact the company customer service department to get a Return Merchandise Authorization number and include that number in your return shipment package to the company. Processing of the refund will take up to 10 business days before your credit card receives the refund.

What I Like

For the customer, the best thing about HairGenesis is the natural ingredients found in them. Unlike other hair medication like Rogaine and Propecia, HairGenesis does not involve other body processes and functions such as the blood pressure. It only works on blocking the enzyme 5-Alpha-Reductase to cut the production of DHT . The ingredients found in both the oral and topical treatments are known all over the naturalistic community for doing just exactly that. These ingredients include saw palmetto, evening primrose, green tea extract, and alpha lithic acid.

I also like the claims of it is proven by scientific studies conducted by the Institutional Review Board and approved by the Federal Drug Administration. In fact, these studies have been published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Alternative Complementary Medicine.

What I Do not Like

While it has a great informational website about hair loss treatments, comparing hair loss treatments etc. When it comes to displaying and ordering their real products, it's quite confusing. Their order page has way too many options in my opinion and is a bit overwhelming.

Do I Recommend It?

Yes. Nothing can be better in growing your hair back than a natural and scientifically proven hair loss system to work on your body from both the inside and outside. It is the only product available that can do that, so why not see for yourself? After all, there is always a not-so-hassle-free money-back guarantee you can always take.