Improve Your Skin With This Great Product

While organic virgin coconut oil is often encouraged to be used for cooking due to the health benefits, it also offers many benefits for your skin to think about. You will get those benefits to the skin when you cook with it, but that is the tip of the iceberg regarding how you can get a great looking skin with it!

Dry Skin

The weather, your body chemistry, and even health issues can all result in dry skin. This can be itchy and annoying. It can also make you self-conscious about how it feels when others touch you or look at it. Rather than trying to hide dry skin, apply organic virgin coconut oil to it. You only need a small amount as it does spread very well and get absorbed into the skin.

For the best results, apply the oil after you take a shower. Gently pat your body dry rather than rub a towel along it. Then apply the product and wait a few minutes before you get dressed. It will help you to get better looking and softer skin before you know it!

Fair Skin

If you sunburn easy, even a high SPF sunscreen may not be enough. Apply some organic virgin coconut oil with your sunscreen and it will help offer you an additional layer of protection. You are less likely to turn red, for the skin to dry, and for peeling to occur. Even so, make sure you limit your exposure to UV rays.

Oily Skin

For others, oily skin is a serious concern as it often allows the face to look too shiny. It is also a contributing factor to acne due to the excess production of sebum. Acne can become a vicious cycle to try to break so the best method is to cleanse the pores. Too many of the acne products out there have harsh chemicals, and they cause your face to peel and look uneven.

Washing your face daily with organic virgin coconut oil rather than using products with harsh chemicals can help to get the balance back. It can take a few weeks depending on the amount of oil you produce so be patient. Once your skin clears up, you will discover you experience acne outbreaks far less often. When you have acne, it will also be less sever than before.

Makeup Remover

Going to bed with your makeup on can cause acne problems due to clogged pores. It can also cause your skin to look dry and worn. The solution is not to cake on more makeup the next day! Make sure you remove it all before you go to bed at night. Avoid makeup removal products that have harsh chemicals in them. You can use organic virgin coconut oil instead.

The makeup will wipe right off and your skin will benefit from it at the same time. Many women have learned this allows them to look great with less makeup on than before. They are able to look younger and enjoy the natural beauty of the skin without all of those products all the time. It is a change that saves you time and gives you a better overall appearance.

Washing your face with soap and water is common, but it removes more than the dirt and grime. It can remove essential oils you do need. Replace the soap with organic virgin coconut oil and you will notice improvements. This product is also going to fight against bacteria and fungi. It is easier to prevent those problems than to try to resolve them once you have an issue.