Maintenance Programs For The Skin – Is It Worth It?

Facials, Microdermabrasion and the occasional chemical peel? Is it worth it? By the time we turn thirty years of age, our skin's ability to shed dead skin cells and reproduce new ones has already stopped by fifty percent. Our skin works in a way similar to supply and demand. It will not produce new skin cells without having the old ones removed. When we are young, we typically sheds layers of dead skin cells on a regular basis (an average of 8 layers each month) and produces replacement cells. As we grow older, the process slowly stops.

Regular professional skin care treatments such as facials, microdermabrasion and chemical peels, usually do for our skin what it used to do, but no longer does on its own. This fact alone is why many doctors and skin professionals recommend Retin A or medicines designed to shed these dead skin cells. However, often depending on your sensitivity, these medications can leave the skin red and irritated. Especialially around the eye area. Having regular professional treatments performed aids in the correction but targets deeper and correct more. These simple, and cost effective treatments typically create the cellular turnover and development deep into our dermis that keeps our skin looking youthful and vibrant. The more new cells we develop, the more collagen growth that is stimulated, the slower our skin will show signs of aging. It's that simple.

In fact, it's said that having a facial every month for twenty years provides sufficient maintenance and new cellular stimulation to prevent the need for a surgical face lift. By maintaining and keeping the skin healthy every month, the skin's aging process slows and in the end saves you money. The investment to keep the skin healthy and maintained is far less of an investment then it would take to correct, reverse and restore the signs of aging down the road.

As a clinical skin expert with over a decade of experience, I strive to educate my clients to start being proactive about their skin's aging and instead of waiting until the damage occurs. The good news is, you can reverse the damage if you already have signs of aging. I have many patients who look younger now then did ten years ago when they started seeing me for their skin concerns. So ask yourself this. Does taking regular care of my skin benefit me? My answer is Yes. Younger skin is always a benefit!