Skin Related Problems And The Role Of Ayurveda

Skin related problems can be very annoying and if not treated properly can develop complexities. Ayurvedic treatment has given very effective results for all types of skin diseases. Polluted environment and improper diet habits the affects the blood in our body and it develops into skin diseases like Eczema, Acne and other types of allergies. Usually people take the help of allopathic medications to treat such skin issues, but these medications are most likely to have side effects. But Ayurvedic methods are very safe and use natural elements to counter such skin related issues. Ayurveda offers different types of herbal solutions for all types of skin allergies. It works naturally to heal the skin elements and on the same time enriches your body from the inside so that such types of problem do not affect you in future.

Skin diseases are very common now a days and almost everyone encounters such problems in their lives. Small problems like infection, rashes or fungus can be easily easily but serious diseases like skin cancer, Eczema, cellulite and acne require high attention and proper treatment.

Causes :

There can be many causes behind skin related problems. But the most common cause is when the skin becomes over-hydrated or dehydrated. This condition affects the skin lose its elasticity or firmness and does not function properly. Skin abnormalities can also occur if the 'surface film' on the epidermis is affected by use of harsh products. If this barrier of the skin is broken, then it causes irritation, infection, inflammation and ulcers.

Often, malfunction within the body or certain health conditions can cause dermatitis or skin allergies.

The other common causes for such skin problems are-

  • Malfunctions in the body or certain health conditions can also cause skin issues or dermatitis.
  • Intake of high power medications that increases body temperature can be a major cause for skin diseases.
  • Hormonal issues can be another reason for skin problems.
  • Depression and stressful environment can affect your skin in a bad way.
  • Hereditary problems and blood impurities can also give rise to skin abnormalities.


The most common way to treat skin related problems is to take prescribed medications and use ointments and creams in the affected areas. But if this does not work more powerful medications like dermabrasion and Botox injections are considered to be effective, but these might give rise to side effects.

Home remedies can give you a great amount of relief from skin problems. Ayurveda follows old herbal remedies and cures for treating skin issues. This method beats the body as a whole and does not focus only on one problem. People who have followed Ayurvedic methods have given very positive reviews.