The ABC Guide To Finding The Best Skin Care Brands

Many people firmly believe that the most famous skin care brand names are clearly the best skin care brands. Nobody can blame them because most of us have been conditioned to think this way all our lives.

When you were growing up you probably would have heard your Mom and her friends discussing various skin care products. I might be mistaken, but I bet those discussions were mostly about big brand name products; products they had seen in their favorite weekly magazines, or maybe on TV. Back in those days we mostly had to rely on magazines, radios and TV for information, but now we have the internet.

The internet can help you to look beyond the multi-million dollar advertising campaigns. It can help you to find excellent skin care products which you never see being advertised on TV or in all those glossy magazines.

Comparing Foods to Cosmetics

Most of the eggs you see at your local supermarket come from massive farms. Everything is meticulously calculated in order to get as many eggs as possible from each individual hen. The hens are also given antibiotics and etc. in order to ensure they do not get sick. Now, would you rather eat these eggs, or would you rather eat eggs that come from your neighbors free range hens that run around in the garden?

Farmers markets have become immensely popular as well. More and more people are beginning to shift away from mass produced produce. Instead, they are buying foods that come from other people's back yards or from smallholdings. Those who grow these foods do so with passion, and if you have ever compared these foods to those in your local supermarket you will already know how superior they are.

Cosmetics are to some very very similar. The big players spend billions of dollars on advertising and trendy packaging. These costs need to be recovered, and the only way to do that is by charging customers more. What I am saying here is that a high price tag does not automatically equate to high quality.

If you are willing to spend $ 50 on a famous brand name product, then why would not you spend the same amount of money on a similar product? After all, that smaller company is not spending millions of dollars on advertising and marketing. They are probably just pumping more money into creating products that are genuinely good quality.

Misleading Labels

Contrary to popular belief, the cosmetics industry is large unregulated. Manufacturers can generally do whatever they want, providing they do not use ingredients which are hidden by agencies like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

For example, if a manufacturer puts a single drop of vitamin E into a batch of skin cream, they are legally entitled to advertise that product as being vitamin E enriched. They also are not required by law to tell you what type of vitamin E was used. Okay vitamin E is a poor example because it is a dirt cheap ingredient, but there are other ingredients which are really expensive.

When you have massive advertising bills to pay, surely it must be very tempting to cut back on other expenses, including how much you spend on the ingredients being used in your products. Only add minuscule quantities of those expensive ingredients so you can legally brag about it, and then just use cheap fillers to add bulk. I'm not saying all the big brand names are guilty of this, but let's face it, the money required for multi-million dollar advertising campaigns must come from somewhere.