There Are Five Major Skin Conditions: Which One Do You Have?

Skin conditions, especially recurring or chronic ones, can be helpful in understanding the state of wellness of an individual. This is particularly important for anyone with a growing interest toward non-invasive, results-oriented modalities.

When you understand the underlying energetic cause of your skin and body conditions it makes it possible to harmonize the flow of vital energy, a precondition to wellness. Who does not want to have glowing skin and to feel great at the same time?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), when we are out of balance, some undesirable conditions for our skin and body shape manifest.

The cycles of nature and the cycles of human life seem to be interrelated. Whatever affects the whole, affects the parts, and these parts affect other parts. This view of humans, subordinated to their cosmic and earthly environment is common, in various degrees, to all energy medicines and it is central to TCM.

Traditional Chinese thinkers were fond of pondering the cyclical aspects of nature with the repetition of days, moons, seasons, and years as they observed the effects of those cycles on all living organisms. Humans, like animals and plants, are affected by nature's cycles so it is not surprising that the study of nature was the first basis in their understanding of vital energy.

Knowing that there can be no effect without a cause, the predictable seasonal patterns pointed to the existence of a cause. Unlike ancient Greeks and Egyptians who attributed reason to the whims of various gods, the Chinese simply saw chi (energy) as the mover of matter, but not as a deity. They saw this energy being responsible for cyclical and predictable stages and changes.

First, they broke down energy in its basic yin and yang components. Then they evolved the more complex and sentence Law of the Five Elements which includes the energies symbolically named Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water and the multiple aspects of their interrelationship.

TCM, like other energy medicines, attributes an energetic cause to any body malfunction. It is either an issue of energy quality or of flow (quantity). Consequently, energy balancing and removal of blockages are fundamental to all energy medicines, and, by extension, to beauty and wellness treatments.

TCM identifies frequent skin conditions in this way. Which one or combination of conditions are you?

A Wood imbalance associated with Spring usually manifests as:

• Issues of vital energy circulation
• Oily scalp and hair
• Oily skin, blackheads, hyper pigmentation

A Fire imbalance associated with Summer usually manifests as:

• Redness, irritated, sensitive, blotchy or allergic skin, excess heat and perspiration, couperose
• Irritated, red, sensitive scalp
• Issues of red blood (arterial) circulation

An Earth imbalance (associated with each of the five transition periods between the four seasons of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter) usually manifests as:

• Blemishes, toxicity, acne, psoriasis, enlarged pores
• Heavy looking hair, pimples on scalp
• Lymph circulation problems

A Metal imbalance associated with Fall usually manifests as:

• Dry skin, surface flakiness, dull and lifeless skin
• Dry scalp, dry and brittle hair
• Issues of blue blood or venous circulation (problems such as varicose veins and spider veins)

A Water imbalance associated with Winter usually manifests as:

• Dehydration, lack of tone, wrinkles
• Excess kidney energy causing puffiness under the eyes; or kidney energy depletion causing dark circles
• Scalp missing tone. Limp hair with no volume
• Issues of water circulation (water retention)

Holistically formulated five element skincare lines each of which addresses the problems specific to one of the five elements are a solution to these skin conditions. These products will be formulated to provide the energetic potency required to balance the aspect of vital energy which is out of balance, as demonstrated by one of the conditions above above or a combination thereof.