Understanding Alpha-Arbutin

Alpha-Arbutin is a chemical obtained from leaves of bearberry. The chemical is one of the two conformations of Arbutin. The other is beta. The alpha conformation has a higher stability and most preferred for skin lightening applications.

Use of Alpha-Arbutin

As mentioned, the chemical is used in skin lightening where it works by inhibiting melanin. Research studies show that the chemical works by inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase, an enzyme that controls melanin production. There are two versions of the chemical: the A and B form. The A-form provides higher stability and efficiency than the B-form.

When you use the A-form you tend to have better results. Studies show that in some cases the A-form gives results that are up to 10 times more effective than the B-form. In addition to Alpha-Arbutin lightening your skin, it also provides you with an even skin tone.

How to use Alpha-Arbutin

Manufacturers manufacture the active ingredient in powder form. You should buy the powder from your local stores and apply it twice a day or as directed by your doctor. If you do not have the money but you live in an area where Bearberries grow, you should get the leaves of the berries, crush them, and apply the extract on the areas of the body that you want to lighten.

Tips when using the chemical

Just like any other product, you should be cautious when using Alpha-Arbutin. One of the things that you should do is ensure that you use the right percentages. Many people especially women want fast results so they resort to using extremely high amounts of it. While you may get fast results, you risk developing side effects such as skin irritation that might lead to acne.

To be on the safe side always first consult your doctor on the right amount that you should take. The cool thing is that alpha-arbutin has been found to be ideal for almost all skin types so you do not have to worry about it damaging your skin. In addition to giving a great skin tone and lighten your skin, it has also been found to get rid of dry skin.

There are many stores selling the product but not all are great to buy from. Before making the purchase take your time to research the reputation of the company you are buying from. If buying online, take your time to read reviews. As rule of thumb only buy from a reputable store.