Use Coffee Grounds to Achieve a Healthy Complexion

While brewing a pot of coffee, your filter is made up of coffee grounds that usually gets a place in the trash. You would be surprised to know how these coffee grounds can be used to get a healthy skin.

For proper skin care, you need a good cleanser, gentle yet effective exfoliating agent, and a nourishing serum. Coffee scrub is also known to improve the skin texture and blood circulation.

Benefits of coffee scrub

  • As Exfoliating Agent – Most of the dermatologists recommend coffee grounds to be the best scrubbers in acne treatment. They are useful exfoliating agents that scrub away the dead skin cells to bring back the new, healthy skin that lies underneath. Market stores have many chemical exfoliating agents that have too many enzymes and acidic contents. If you use coffee scrubs for the purpose of exfoliation, you will notice the improvement in your skin texture as it boosts the blood circulation and makes the skin smoother and glowing.
  • Effect of caffeine on skin – It is hard to believe that caffeine on your skin can be immensely beneficial rather than caffeine in your cup. When you use coffee scrub regularly, it will temporarily reduce the accumulation of cellulite and give your skin a tightened and firmer appearance.

Things to remember while buying coffee scrub

  • The caffeine content in the coffee scrub is also an important factor to consider. The ones that are made of brewed coffee grounds have little caffeine content while the caffeine content in the Arabica coffee beans contains lots of caffeine.
  • Opt for Robusta beans while choosing coffee scrub to get the best effect.

It offers you more than any normal facial scrubs as it has many benefits that have a great impact on the skin.

How can coffee scrub be used?

If the coffee grounds are mixed with a little olive oil and applied directly onto your skin; it will give a total effect just like the store-bought exfoliating agents offer. It is unduly a green method because you get the chance to reuse the coffee grounds instead of throwing them out. Is not it great?

Apart from exfoliating, coffee grounds also have anti-inflammatory properties. It aids in the reduction of eye puffiness, temporary reduction of cellulite, and also improvements blood circulation. Most of the coffee scrub packs found in the market have additional ingredients like salt, sugar, and oils to nourish and moisturize your skin. Some products also contains Himalayan rock salt and brown sugar. Both these elements have natural minerals and acids that waive off the bacteria and offers acne free complexion.

The scrubs should be applied just like other scrubs in gentle circular motions; theby removing your dry, dead skin. Caffeine restricts blood vessels and thus it can reduce the intensity of a swapping on the face. It also has loads of antioxidants that help fight the signs of aging. Age spots, wrinkles, sun spots and fine lines can be reduced to a great extent with the use of this natural exfoliating agent.