Varicose Veins in Brief

The feature of veins is to send back de-oxygenated blood from the various section of our body to the heart. The Word 'varicosities' means an abnormality in the framework of the veins, wherein they end up being twisted and even swollen. These veins look like extending as well as enlarged lines on the skin. The color of the veins differs from the normal and may appear blue or bluish-purple. Although such veins could show up anywhere in the body, these can primarily be located in legs.

Signs and symptoms

The suffering person could experience pollution and even swelling around the blue veins that protrude from under the skin. The veins look like contorted cables under the skin, which makes it a cosmetic problem for some. Sometimes, blood could thicken in these surface veins or passes very slowly and starts the pain.


Varicosities” take place due to the malfunction of the shutoff system in the veins. Blood is pumped from our heart to the legs with arteries. After the oxygenated blood, as well as nutrients, have been provided to the lower limbs, blood must circulate back to the heart through the veins. Blood in the veins has to move upwards, against gravitational force. The muscles in the legs facilitate the circulation of blood, as well as the valve in a vein, stops the blood from flowing back down. When the shutoffs in the veins are unable to do their feature, blood is incapable of flowing to the heart. As a result, of this venous deficiency, this blood leaks and even gets gathered, thereby taxing the veins. Consequently, the veins became swollen, enlarged, and twisted. Aging or hormonal discrepancies could probably be accounting for the breakdown of the shutoff system. Maybe heredity might run in the family members. Pregnant females or those who are obese are at risk of developing this condition.


A lot of people with varicose veins experience extreme discomfort and even heaviness in their feet after a long time standing. With the striking look of sticking out bluish veins on the skin, one is likely to experience restlessness, pulsating, swelling, and in some cases, excruciating leg pains. Staying physically active will assist, as that will allow the muscular tissues to pump the blood out of the veins.

A varicose vein patient could go for sclerotherapy or laser surgical procedure to make the damaged veins look much less prominent. Radiofrequency ablation, endovenous laser treatment, and also vein litigation are some techniques that can be utilized to treat this problem.