What Is a Skin Tag and Its Causes?

Skin tags are also commonly known as acrochordons. These can also be described as unsightly growths that can very commonly appear on the neck and also on various other parts of the body. They are however completely and thoroughly harmless. So there is no medical book in the world that pressurizes on removing these tags.

However when these tags are present on any visible parts of the body, it is advised to remove them in order to be appealing to any onlooker.


This condition particularly occurs after the person has passed his midlife period and is entering into old age. If one has to state the cause medically, it can be said that bunches of blood vessels and collagen are trapped inside the thick bits of skin that cause these tags to arise. In other words it can also be said that they are a result of the skin rubbing against skin. They are often popular and commonly found in folds and skin creases.

These skin tags are common in the following types of people.

• Those people who are overweight or obese. This is because they tend to have more creases and folds in their skins.

• Most pregnant women because of their hormones getting secreted.
• An individual with diabetes.

• People who use steroids illegally also tend to have tags in a lot of places in their bodies. This is because they interfere with the muscles and body.

According to a survey done by the National Institutes of Health in the States, at least 46% of people are prior to this condition and are going through this particular condition. Studies done by experts' show that a very casual genetic component is existing and this can be genetic. All people with close family members who have skin tags are also very likely to develop this condition for themselves.

The other terms for this condition are cutaneous papilloma, fibro epithelial polyp, cutaneous tag, fibroma moll scum, Templeton skin tag and soft fibroma. All these terms are purely medical and scientific. These terms are used by medical experts or doctors in their research. If you are planning on getting rid of your skin tag, it is advised to use medically accepted practices and procedures. Otherwise the whole process can backfire and you might end up with another sever condition. So take your decision wisely. It is one of the important things to remember.