What Is Scabies? Signs and Simple Treatments!

Today I want to talk about what is scabies as well as signs and some simple treatments.

Everyone has fears and one of my biggest fears are the things you can not see, such as viruses and itch mites.

These mites that cause scabies are in every part of the world, but not if it's too cold or hot. Of course you can not live in those temperatures either.

If someone has itch mites and you shake their hand, sit next to them in class you probably will not get it. These nasty bugs can not fly or jump, but only crawl very slowly. The most common way is skin to skin contact, such as sleeping with someone.

Also you really do not know if the person you are sleeping with has these mites because symptoms may not appear for up to 2 months and they can pass it on to you.

You can still get if from items that have it such as bedding, clothes are a chair, but it's more rare.

If a female bug gets on you it will bury in your skin, creating waste and laying eggs. These eggs hatch leading to other dust mites that head to the surface to enter the dating game, where the process begins again.

You might be asking yourself how do you know if you have a scabies infestation and it's not a heat rash, or something else. One is very bad itching and I mean very bad.

If the itching is worse at night that is another sign because the mites are more active at this time.

If the itching spreads to other parts of the body then that is another red flag.

Do you have red lines and bumps? The lines could indicate tunnels and the bumps their homes

These bumps usually appear on skin that fold over itself such as your elbow and back of the knee.

Another sign is people around you are scratching and ask yourself having you traveling to any new places recently.

If you think for second you have these bugs, you should act. One is idea is to get coconut oil, rub it on the areas that are itching and let it sit there for a very long period of time. Coconut oil helps the infection and will suffocate the mites. Regardless it's very good for your skin.

Another idea is an onion. Grind it up into a paste, or boil it and apply to the areas that itch. The mites do not like the quercetin in the onion and it can kill them. Plus regardlessless are very good the skin.

A third idea is turmeric. Turmeric is a yellowish powder and curcumin is the ingredient in it.