Why You Should Invest In A Mineral Water Spray

To put it frankly, women do not mind spending a few extra dollars on skin products. The only condition, it should work as advertised. The facial mister better known as a mineral water spray is among the latest to hit the shelves.

What can water do for your skin? A lot!

Mineral water is not ordinary water. It is infused with numerous minerals that each has their benefits for the skin. It is natural and free from chemical substances. It can be a great life saver in some situations; it can give you that instant pick-me-up when you're having a bad skin day.

We've got a lot more reasons why you should include a mineral water spray in your beauty regime. But, if you want to know what they are, you will have to read further.

Sets makeup

Often, makeup takes on a dry powdery look due to a poor foundation base or improper application. A mineral water spray does a great job in helping the makeup set and stay. You can spray it over your makeup or before you start with it; it will not smudge or disrupt your makeup.

Hydrates the skin

Heaters and air conditioners tend to dry out the skin very easily. Also, if your skin is naturally dry you constantly feel the need to freshen it up. The minerals present in the facial mister replenish and hydrate the skin brightening your look in a matter of minutes. It is a beauty product you must carry on long flights.

Ace Cleanser

It is a good substitute for cosmetic cleansers. They manage to get rid of all the impurities and make up residue. Regular water is great too, but a mineral water spray does a better job. Also, you are not subjecting your skin to chemicals.

Skin Soother

In modern times, it is not just age that takes a toll on your skin, but stress and environmental pollution as well. The pollutants break down the skin's protective barrier making it highly sensitive. The minerals infused in a mineral water spray repair and restore the skin. They soothe it.

Cures Irritation

Itching and irritation is caused by bacteria. Spraying mineral water on your space relieves skin irritation by getting rid of the disease causing bacteria. It also relieves skin irritation caused by sunburns and heat rashes.

Boosts natural defense

Mineral water does more than hydrating, soothing, replenishing and adding radiance to your skin. It builds your skin's natural defense system. Mineral water sprays contain minerals such as selenium. It boosts enzymatic activity that's responsible for protecting the skin against damage by free radicals. It protects the skin from factors such as water chlorination, pollution and unhealthy diets. It also offers protection for the damaging effects of the UV rays.

Pleasing aromas

A few products on the market also include essential oils and anti-pollution ingredients such as white widow and witch hazel. They have a pleasant fragrance that's soothing to the mind.